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Maps and typhlographs


This section presents single maps that depict a selected region, country or issue, as well as studies consisting of several maps (tactile and colour charts). These are not classified as atlas studies, as they do not provide sufficiently complete information on the topic or area presented, but they are an important source of information.

Among the studies presented are a map of the European Union and a map entitled "Closer to the treasures of culture", which presents the most important monuments in Poland. The "Map of Warsaw", which includes the capital city and its individual districts, and the "Warsaw Agglomeration" map, which shows Warsaw and its most important neighbouring cities, are also presented on several sheets. Another project called 'With Ludwik Braille in Płock' is an example of a very important project showing the implementation of maps for the local community. Therefore, these do not always have to be nationwide, comprehensive projects, but can also be studies focused on specific needs and open to new topics - which is the case here.

We encourage you to familiarise yourself with the maps available on the Polish market.